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The focus of the programme is to produce graduates with a broad understanding of all aspects of functional tourism management. On the other hand, the students are also able to identify, explore and grab the opportunities in business space and courageous to create opportunities in the industry globally. Emphasis is given to the ability to communicate in a variety of key languages in an effective way and assessing and caring for economic, ecotourism, socio-cultural potentials in entrepreneurial practice and improving professionalism by respecting the attitudes, abilities and beliefs of tourists, also willing to lead goals and policies of the national tourism industry among graduates.



The programme aims to nurture the entrepreneurial culture among graduates and produce graduates who are resilient, willing to work on opportunities, creative, innovative, ethical and open minded in any business environment, whether in the local or global arena.



In line with the university’s vision, the programme is designed to champion in producing professional entrepreneur specifically in tourism industry.



This programme’s mission has articulated the objectives and the programme outcomes as to cultivate entrepreneurial attributes amongst tourism entrepreneur graduates national and international aspiration.


Programme Educational Objectives
  • Knowledgeable and technically competent in tourism entrepreneurship discipline and in-line with the industry requirement.
  • Effective in communication and demonstrate tourism organization.
  • Capable to solve tourism entrepreneurship problem ethically through sustainable approach.
  • Able to demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognize the need of lifelong learning for successful career advancemen


Industrial Mode: Apprentice 3u1i Programme

Download HERE for SAP 3u1i Programme 


Traditional Mode: Programme Structure 

Cohort 2019/2020

Cohort 2020/2021 

Cohort 2021/2022

Academic Programme Book

Academic programme book
Academic Rules & Regulations


Kos Berkaitan

Peluang Kerjaya
Pengurusan acara
  • Penganjur konferen, penganjur pelancongan perkahwinan, penganjur acara
Pengembaraan dan perjalanan
  • Pemandu pelancong, penganjur pengembaraan dan perjalanan, eksekutif produk pelancongan, ketua pemandu pelancong, eksekutif ticketing, staf syarikat penerbangan, staf syarikat kapal.
  • Koordinator aktiviti santai, pegawai NGO seperti Wild Asia dan WWF, eksekutif operasi inbound tour, eksekutif operasi outbound tour.
Hotel dan resort
  • Pengurus, pegawai khidmat pelanggan.
Pengurusan pelancongan
  • Eksekutif pelancongan Islam, Kementerian Pelancongan, eksekutif pelancongan dalam jualan dan pasaran.
Usahawan online
  • Penganjur pengembaraan online – Trivago, Airbnb, Uber, pencipta kandungan pelancongan, agensi pelancongan online.
Konsultan pelancongan
  • Pendidik, penyelidik pelancongan, konsultan umrah dan haji.
Yuran Pengajian
Yuran Pelajar Tempatan
Yuran Pelajar Antarabangsa
Struktur Kurikulum

Syarat Kemasukan
Pelajar Tempatan
Pelajar Antarabangsa
Masa Pengajian


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