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The programme focuses on the objective of producing graduates with a broad understanding in health and wellness areas as well as identifying, exploring and grabbing opportunities and business space and courageous to create opportunities in the industry globally. The program is set up to produce creative graduates who are capable of working professionally, ethically, and acting in harmony in any form of the environment whether in the local arena or globally. Students will be exposed to a booming healthcare industry such as a spa, gymnasium, beauty boutique and food care with emphasizing of healthy lifestyle aspect.



The programme aims to nurture the entrepreneurial culture among graduates and produce graduates who are resilient, willing to work on opportunities, creative, innovative, ethical and open minded in any business environment, whether in the local or global arena.



 In line with the university’s vision, the programme is designed to champion in producing professional entrepreneur specifically in health and wellness industry.



This programme’s vision has articulated the objectives and the programme outcomes as to cultivate entrepreneurial attributes amongst health entrepreneur graduates in order to achieve national and international aspiration.


Programme Educational Objectives

The programme shall produce graduates entrepreneur in health who are:

  • Knowledgeable and technically competent in health entrepreneurship discipline and in-line with the industry requirement;
  • Effective in communication and demonstrate health entrepreneur in leading an organization;
  • Capable to solve health entrepreneurship problems innovatively, creatively, and ethically through sustainable approach; and
  • Able to demonstrate entrepreneurship skills and recognize the need of lifelong learning for successful career advancement.


Industrial Mode: Programme Apprentice 3u1i

 Download HERE for SAW 3u1i Programme


Traditional Mode: Programme structure

Cohort 2019/2020 

Cohort 2020/2021

Cohort 2021/2022

Cohort 2022/2023

Cohort 2023/2024


Academic Programme Book

Academic Rules & Regulations
Academic programme book

Related Courses

Career Opportunities
  • Spa manager
  • Wellness entrepreneur
  • Community health worker
  • Marketing executive
  • Fitness coach
  • Health and wellness services manager,
  • Fitness centre manager
  • Wellness & nutrition consultant
  • Education
Study Fees
Study Fees Local Students
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Curriculum Structure

Entry Requirements
Local Students
International Students
4 years