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Faculty of Hospitality, Tourism and Wellness (FHPK) was established on June 1st , 2016 with the main aim to produce graduates that are competent and qualified in becoming managers or entrepreneurs in tourism, hospitality and health management.  The faculty’s establishment is in line with the University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)’s vision and mission to champion balanced and holistic human capital development that emphasizes more entrepreneurship education with high-quality and relevant academic program.  Historically, the hospitality, tourism and wellness program was offered by the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Business since 2008 but due to the future expansion and the growth of tourism and hospitality globally, the university has decided to establish FHPK to strengthen and focus on the relevant program.

Driven by a diverse portfolio of faculty staff members and students from every part of the country as well as internationally, the FHPK currently offers the following postgraduate program.

  • Master of Entrepreneurship (Research)

FHPK’s Master's programs are currently offered in both full-time and part-time modes that prepare students to advance their knowledge and prepare them for academic and research careers in hospitality, tourism, and wellness. The faculty is going stronger in terms of research and the postgraduate programs provide opportunities for the graduates to conduct and publish scholarly research as well as consultancy works with competence and confidence.

Faculty are focusing on multiple research areas such as:



in research areas such as;

  • Community-based tourism
  • Ecotourism and sustainable development
  • Hotel and destination branding
  • Small and medium hotel and tourism organizations
  • Hospitality operation
  • Food service
  • Spa management
  • Nursing home management


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