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The Apprentice 3u1i program is an industrial mode study program. Students will study for three (3) years at university focusing on theoretical aspects and one (1) year in industry to gain practical experience. Through this program, students will be exposed to industry practices that will give students the opportunity to continue working after graduation.

This Apprentice 3u1i program aims to foster entrepreneurial spirit as well as academic and industry collaboration through a Work-based Learning delivery approach. In addition, this program focuses on experiential learning that can effectively be explored outside the campus or industry in addition to the opportunity to earn while learning (learn and earn).

This program is also an initiative under Leap 1 (Holistic, Entrepreneurial and Balanced Graduates) and Leap 7 (Innovation Ecosystem) in the Malaysian Education Development Plan 2015-2025 (Higher Education)

Programme Benefits

Among the benefits of 3u1i to the industry are as follows:

  • Reducing the need for in-house training on the part of the industry for new recruits because the 3u1i program has provided graduates who are aware and available to work (work aware and work ready). Therefore the period of availability-work (time to productivity) can be reduced;
  • Get access to graduates who have high skills and motivation after going through training directly in the industry;
  • Reducing recruitment costs such as advertising, interviews, etc.
  • Implement a corporate work culture, be competent before students graduate;
  • Get the opportunity to be involved as an inclusive partner of IPT;
  • Gaining academic input in empowering existing industry practices;
  • Get the opportunity to access expertise and research facilities from IPT;
  • Get opportunities for tax incentives and funds; and
  • Can increase Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts for HEIs and the community
  • To be a leader in human capital development in the tourism, hospitality and welfare industry.
  • Providing quality academic programs that are relevant to the industry
  • Promote a culture of research and innovation Open up further opportunities for staff development
  • Provide adequate and conducive teaching, learning and working facilities
  • Establishing smart collaboration with the community

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